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  • How do I become a member of She Collective?
    If you have taken a class with Dani or Erica in the past, and you are female or female identifying, you are automatically a member. If we don't know you, you need to get a referal from one of our She Collective members. We will then contact you for an interview with either Erica or Dani over Zoom.
  • How can I secure a spot in class?
    If you are not a memember you have to get approval by meeting with us first. Email us at to let us know you're interested. Once approved you can secure a spot by simply booking a class on this website.
  • What forms of payment do you accept, and what is your cancellation policy?"
    You will be invoiced via email once per week. You can then pay by using your credit or debit card. Cancellation policy: Please read our Payment Policy.
  • Will my membership run out?
    No. Once a member, always a member. Whether you take only one or every class, whether you take them all in a row or over years...once you are a member, you are part of She Collective. And guess what? Membership doesn't cost a thing. You pay for classes and that's it.
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